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Alix Marina Chouhan Beloved Lumiere Photography-8

Very very roughly speaking, there are two kinds of photography styles: posed and natural. Of course it’s not like that, there is a whole continuum, but bear with me. Posed photography can be very stiff and unnatural, although it is also used for beautiful arty images. Most people want natural ...

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Putting your best foot forwards

jodie official 5

My name is Laura Firth, I specialise in Bridal and Vintage hair and makeup and I am the owner of Victory Rolls Hair Parlour in Leicester. To me this industry is all about going the extra mile for your brides and giving your all. I pride myself in going above ...

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We’re on Pinterest


If you’re after inspiration for your wedding day, why not check out our boards on Pinterest.

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How to choose your wedding Photographer


Experience Decide whether you want to trust an experienced photographer or risk a new photographer, don’t get us wrong the price will certainly be different between an experienced and inexperienced but so will the quality. Photography students make good cheaper alternatives but if money isn’t an issue, an experienced tog will ...

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The Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist

We are publishing a series of posts to test the website out and we found this little gem when we were creating our Pinterest account. Good for photographers and those planning their big day.

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